About Us

Misty Kluck is a 43 year old mother, eccomerce business owner, CBD oil consumer..... to be continued.

Our Story

My name is Misty Gray-Kluck, a displaced Louisiana girl living in Michigan. Down south I owned a successful internet retail business for over 22 years. Then we received a prenatal diagnosis for our daughter Tessa. Tessa tested positive for Down syndrome. My husband’s family is from Michigan and we knew that the quality of healthcare in Michigan is greater than Louisiana. So there we go – packing it up and moved to the snow, cold, ice and four seasons. When we moved we lost half of our business and it has steadily declined over the years due to the attention we’ve been unable to give it. Tessa’s therapies and well-being obviously trumped nail polish, baby toys and pots big enough to boil a grown man. As a result, my husband started looking for a second job so that I could quit my online business.

As my husband searched, we found opportunities that we would have never even considered. . . which is why we turned this website into what you see now.

Our Vision

Have you ever heard to saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?  Or how about this one?  "There is no reason to reinvent the wheel."  Well, this website is in response to both.  Our vision is to teach others what we have learned about owning your own business - the good and the bad. 

Our Mission

Our mission is too help other business owners reach their potential without having to spend money like it grows on trees!  I have made so many mistakes over the years.  Our mission is to give you enough information to not make these same mistakes.  We also hope to inform people about our life as older parents with a special needs child and our life decisions.


  • Misty Kluck is a loving-caring mother, focused on building her business and determined to create a better life for her and others who join her business!

    -- Jack Peterson : Clearlake, Iowa
  • It takes an incredible person to make juggling look easy, you are one of the few that I know who can pull it off with such grace. Whatever you are doing to run a successful business while helping your sweet family thrive, keep doing it!!

    -- Patsy King : Jaskson, Mississippi
  • So dedicated to Tessa, I love all those things that you take the time to do with her. The love you show her is inspiring! As a person we can always depend on you and your family in a time of need. I admire that you stay business oriented when it’s time for that!

    -- Ken Erickson : Ypsilanti, Michigan