CBD Oil for Special Needs

This is our six year old little girl Tessa.  Tessa has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism. 

CBD Oil For Down Syndrome & Autism:

We noticed early on that Tessa was a little different from all the other kids diagnosed with Down syndrome.  Sure, Down syndrome and autism run about the same when it comes to behavioral issues.  Tessa's behavior was way beyond the norm.  Tessa would beat me up because her emotions would override her body.  She just wouldn't know what to do and she would break down.  She'd become unconsolable if we were in a room with too many people.  She'd hide under tables and cover her ears.  Even at six months old, if you laughed too hard she would start to scream.  Stemming became a major issue.  Spinning in place wasn't just "spinning".  She'd raise her hands in front of her eyes and seemed to receive pleasure from it. 

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We knew something was really different after about the third get together with our local Down syndrome support group.  Tessa was about the only one that was acting up.  She just couldn't enjoy herself with all the people around.

About five months ago I started taking CBD oil for myself.

About five months ago I started taking CBD oil for myself.  Then I happened to see a question on my Facebook feed from a mother asking about her child taking CBD oil.  My response . . . "What!!!  Wait ..."  So I started doing research.  Come to find out there were thousands and thousands of mothers that have children with Down syndrome or children with autism (OR BOTH) that are giving their children CBD oil with FANTASTIC results.  Our results are no different.

After about giving Tessa CBD oil for two days we started to see the difference.  Her teachers and ABA techs did too!  And they didn't even know she was on it!  Tessa was having less behavioral issues.  We saw less running away from us, more compliance when asked to do things and she was able to do tasks without prompting.  This was big!

Her testing scores have gone up and she's able to communicate.

After taking the CBD oil for a few months now I can tell you that her testing scores have gone completely up.  She can now concentrate better and has a better understanding of language.  Tessa's speech is now flourishing!  She is saying complete sentences!!!!  This is FANTASTIC to us because one of our biggest issues was that she was unable to communicate due to apraxia.

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Several of our friends with children that have autism (only) started giving their children CBD oil.  They have had some of the same results.  One has a son that seemed like he'd never potty train.  Two days after his first dose he was completely potty trained.  He also was able to go on a camping trip without having tantrums.  They were almost gone.

CBD oil and Asbergers.  It's a game changer.

One friend has a daughter with epilepsy and Asbergers as well as some other major behavioral issues.  She reported that her daughter that argues at least three hours before thinking about finishing homework actually finished her homework in 13 minutes.  Her grades went up by 50 points.  This child that had never received an 100 on anything received an A+ on a paper.  She actually brought home some great grades other than Fs on her report card.  And, as an added bonus, her daughters tantrums became less and less.

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Parent Success Stories

A little about my daughter. Ari is 6. She was born at 27 weeks. So she is a little one. I started studying CBD about 1 1/2 years ago. I have heard good things but wanted to make sure I was doing the best thing for her. I looked into several different companies. There were so many things that connected to DS. Like Alzheimer’s, speech etc. So I started her about 3 months ago. Started at low dose and now she gets 1 pump in am and 1 pm. I wish I would have started her earlier. Some of the changes we have seen: Speech: She would do 2-3 word sentence before. Now she is consistently using 5-6 word sentences. But the best part is she is more clear with her words. My mom lives far away. And she never could understand her on the phone or facetime. Now she is not only understanding her, but having conversations with her. Speech therapy is trying to keep up. Pt: She has always been fast. But never had a proper run. Well she is running just like my boys. Not sure I was ready to run faster. She now jumps with two feet! Never thought she would get it. OT: She can now work scissors. The muscles in her hands match with what she wants them to do. Stemming: Ari would stem if she was tired. We don’t have that issue anymore. She is more focused. Able to sit and do lessons or puzzles and actually finish the tasks. ~ Stacey C.